Interior design can elevate the look of an office lobby, the living room of your home or a bedroom. Making sure things flow perfectly together is an art. One that Julie Carré has taken the time to perfect during her career as an interior designer.

Now retired, she has switched her focus to this industry. When asked why she chose to step away from interior design, she said “Oh, but I’m not changing careers. Not at all!”. Julie believes her skills are better suited to helping the masses with simple improvements to their living spaces rather than helping one client at a time. She has spent years consulting in residential and commercial businesses alike and discovered that “in this line of work, nothing is forever”. Realizing that styles and opinions change all the time when it comes to corporations and those with a much higher disposable income, Julie opted to bring her passion for interior design to a smaller studio Paris, France. Today, she works with a much smaller team that is as focused as she is on creating something beautiful that anyone can use in their homes.

Borrowing from her own personal experiences and design choices, choosing a creation from Julie Carré is a good fit when looking to brighten up the mood of a room. These colorful and vibrant stickers are an affordable way to make the changes you want without committing to the process of hiring a designer. So go ahead and add a little of Julie’s style to your home, you’ll be glad you did.