About Us

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Wall Decoration Stickers was founded with the intention of delivering quality interior design elements at a cost that is affordable to our customers. We know that things are expensive enough these days, and at the rate that ideas, opinions, and feelings change, it’s important to feel confident in the purchases we make. That’s why our focus has always been to create a product that helps improve the space around you, without breaking your bank.

Our team knows the value of saving money, making the most out of limited spaces, and the positive effect creativity can have. Whether you’re at work or at home, the right colours really go a long way in creating an environment you feel comfortable in. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding a wide variety of artists with a range of experience to create designs you can really appreciate. From fun colours and cute animals that are perfect for a nursery, to elegant and subtle creations that complement the ambience in your living room or study, we work hard to ensure there is always a design for any home.

One of the key selling points of wall sticker decals is that they evolve as your sense of style does. Over time, you may decide to renovate or make upgrades to your home. This isn’t something that happens too often since it usually comes with a steep price tag. At Wall Decoration Stickers, we create the option for you to experiment with different designs because our products cost significantly less time, money, and effort to install in your home. Rather than invest in major changes once in a while, we want you to feel free to try new things whenever you want, and have created a cost-effective way to do that with wall sticker decals.

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We have a small but a very reliable & dedicated team when it comes to customer service. More than that, our team is very passionate in what we do. From monthly new arrivals and frequent promotions & giveaways, we have a lot to offer for our awesome customers & fans across the globe!