5 Affordable Modern Nursery Ideas And Styles

It’s no secret that getting the nursery ready doesn’t come cheap. Baby showers are great for toys, clothes and other necessities, but you might be left footing the bill to create a beautiful nursery for your newest member of the family. Rather than panic, it might be time to do a bit of research into more affordable options to help you hack the expense of your little one’s new room.

Here are 5 affordable modern nursery ideas to help get your creativity flowing!

Easy As A, B, C!


Wall stickers make a perfect addition to any nursery, especially when they double as an educational tool. In this case, the alphabet is a great way to stimulate your little one for years to come. Everyone knows babies and small children are very visual. A colourful alphabet design will soothe them, but also stimulate them as they get old enough to start practicing their letters.

Check it out here: Jonah & Co™ ABC’s Alphabet Wall Sticker

Let’s Go To The Zoo

Remember the good old days when going to the zoo was the highlight of your day. Now as parents you realize it’s not always so easy to make that trip. There’s weather to consider and time is always a factor. Good thing Minako is bringing the zoo to you! Choosing these decals allows your little one to enjoy their love of animals all the time. It’s understandable that heading to the zoo isn’t always possible, but every day can be a zoo day in your new nursery or child’s room!

Check it out here: Minako™ Animals Nursery Wall Sticker

Hoot, Hoot


There’s something about owls that seems educational, isn’t there? When it comes to modern nursery ideas, these studious creatures combine a vibrant colour palette with their natural habitat of trees to create a look any child would love. If you’re looking to skip painting the nursery a bright colour, these designs will more than make up for it. Additionally, they blend well with existing trim designs and lighter colours to create a contrast you’ll really appreciate.

Check it out here: Minako™ Owl Friends Wall Sticker

Step Into The Village


Teaching your little ones the right lessons start at an early age. Why do you think all those shows are so big when it comes to sharing and being nice to each other? It’s important to send the right message and these designs do exactly that. Nothing says harmony like a Minako scene. Here you’ll see a nice blend of colours, animals, and positivity that will have your little ones excited to be part of the village.

Check it out here: Minako™ Animal Village Wall Sticker

It’s A Monkey Party!


Is there really any better way to describe childhood than with a mischievous monkey? Of course not. One of Minako’s latest modern nursery ideas has these playful little primates having a blast in a beautiful tree design that incorporates warm colours, other animals, and an overall fun image you’ll love. At a certain age, your little ones will be climbing up on anything they can reach, so it’s only natural for them to team up with these silly simians.

Check it out here: Minako™ Monkey Tree Party Wall Sticker

Curious about similar modern nursery ideas? Check out more of our collection of nursery wall stickers! With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.


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